Investing by numbers

It seems like savers are losers in todays financial world. If they are lucky the interest on their saving make up for the inflation. But clueless investors have been worse of. Many soon to be retirees have seen their capital shrink, while their "financial managers" just kept earning bonuses. Seeing all this I decided to take charge of my own financial future. This blog will be an investment journal. I also hope that it will help and inspire others to take action and work towards becoming financially independent.

One of the biggest downsides of large investment funds is that they have so many funds to move, that it is difficult for them to move in and out of specific funds. A small investor has many disadvantages, but one of the advantages a small investor has over the big dogs is that he /she can move in and out funds without moving the market. If we can learn to read the market we can just ride the biggest trends out there. This is something the big trade funds cannot do as they have too much money to put into investment. So as you will see in my investment plan, I will play this edge investing in funds.