Review week 26 and economic calendar week 27

Review week 26

Result: 1,7R in 1 closed position. No positions open at the moment.

I know, I said I would not take any trades this week. And I almost did, but the trade I took was just to good to pass up on. Let's have a look.
SPX500 - Long   1,7R
Oanda's daily candles close 7 hours after the NY close. This means that at the time I was looking at the chart, the pin bar was different and was still missing 7 hours of data. I have noticed that most of the times price action formations / signals look very similar looking at Oanda's chart at the NY close time while comparing them to charts that have daily closes on the NY close. I find it convenient to trade directly from the charts I am looking at. The only thing is, that looking back at trades tends to give a different picture. This in turn clouds reflecting on trades made. So as a reference I use FXpro's MT4 platform which has NY close candles. This trade on the SPX500 I based upon analysis of price action in combination with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. I have been studying Ichimoku trading for quite some time now and I see it can compliment my price action trading pretty neatly. I will not (yet) explain my analysis as I am still working on updating my trading plan to incorporate this method. But I will share the chart. The white line is my entry. The red line my stop and the green line is where I took profit.
SPX500 - Ichimoku cloud

I planned to hold this trade up to 1360 for a 2R profit, but as the weekend was approaching I did not want to continue monitoring this trade. So I was happy to get out at 1355 with 1,7R profit.
Also, as I have been on a losing streak last two weeks and I was confident about this trade setup I decided to risk more than 2% of my account size on this trade. I figured that trading same percentage on a smaller account would make it only more difficult to make back what was lost. Coincidently, I positively acted upon number one of the 7 deadly trading sins posted here. It is encouraging to find out I came to that same conclusion. I will use this to redefine my position sizing as well. I haven't decided on it yet, but I guess I will use a high water mark for taking a percentage as position size. I will get back on this once I am done rewriting my trading plan.

Economic calendar week 27

I marked the ECB press conference and the Nonfarm Payrolls as events that I do not want to be in the related markets. The other events are boat rockers, but these two are real market movers.

country date name
United States 20120702 14:00:00 ISM Manufacturing PMI
European Monetary Union 20120703 09:00:00 Producer Price Index (YoY)
European Monetary Union 20120704 09:00:00 Retail Sales (YoY)
United Kingdom 20120705 11:00:00 BoE Asset Purchase Facility
European Monetary Union 20120705 12:30:00 ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference
Canada 20120706 12:30:00 Net Change in Employment
United States 20120706 12:30:00 Nonfarm Payrolls
Canada 20120706 12:30:00 Unemployment Rate
United States 20120706 12:30:00 Unemployment Rate
GMT source: