This is why I don't trade news days

Below is yesterdays daily chart of the SPX500. On Tuesday I spotted the pin bar and placed a limit buy order where the white line is. Unfortunately my order was not triggered and the market took of without me. Then yesterday I saw another change to get long. Again a pin bar and inside bar on top of a S&R level.
SPX500 - Daily chart yesterday
So I placed a limit buy again above the pin bar and a stop below the wig of the pin. I knew today there would be the ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference. I was just so keen on getting in that I, not only disregarded this, but also forgot about the fact that the pin bar had formed on a day that the US market was closed making it invalid.
So why I don't like trading on news days? Because there is a big change you get zigzagged, whipsawed, or what ever you call it. The big boys fake everyone into a trade and then trade the other way.
SPX500 - H1 - Zig Zag
This is how you lose money. Getting long at the top (blue triangle) and getting out at the bottom (brown dot). I just see it as a contribution to other traders and a lesson well learned. No trading, no limit orders, nothing, nada, nichts, rien, niks, res, hic yok on days with high impact news events....!