Live inside bar trades

Seems like everyone is holding their breath looking at the Troika. And after Friday's runner we see a lot of consolidation in the form of inside bars. I thought I would share the trades (limit orders) I just placed based on these patterns and the underlaying trend.

Here is an extract of my tradelog:
week day date pair l/s TimeFrame entry strategy cloud entry stop tp R2R
37 mon 10-09-12 usdchf S daily Inside bar bear 0,9425 0,9588 0,9115 2
37 mon 10-09-12 eurjpy L daily Inside bar bull 100,506 99,576 102,266 2+
37 mon 10-09-12 eurusd L daily Inside bar bull 1,2825 1,2642 1,3191 2

And here are the charts.

EURJPY - Long - Inside bar

EURUSD - Long - Inside bar

USDCHF - Short - Inside bar

The red lines are stops, the green ones are take profit targets. EURJPY has a lot more upside potential. I will try and let my profits run on that pair. Hopefully I can get a nice 6to1 reward to risk ratio on that trade. As these trades progress I will look for additional entry signals to do some shorter term add-on trades.
That's all for now. Good luck trading.