More trades this week

The markets are moving. I got stopped at my EURJPY trade by about 5 pips as a large pin bar formed. To bad, but at the same time it gives a good opportunity to get back in at the 50% retracement level of the pin bar with a stop below. This time I placed the stop a little wider below the support level and the tenkan. As my entry is lower I can still have a risk to reward ratio of more than 2, while targeting the same profit target.

EURJPY - Long - stopped out and getting back in

I was looking at USDCAD as it was dropping and dropping without giving me a point to enter as I do not want to try and catch a falling knife, so to speak. Anyway, yesterday price retraced. Then today selling just completely took over yesterdays buying forming a nice bearish engulfing pattern giving me my entry, maybe... Maybe as I do not want to get in right know, but at the 50% retrace level of the engulfing bar. Stop will be above the bar and target is at the next support level below the bar.

USDCAD - Short - bearish engulfing pattern

My other trades are still open and in profit. Tomorrow I will see if I can tighten some stops before the weekend.