Two more pairs join the party

Yesterday USDJPY closed below a significant level. And today it formed an inside bar just like the other pairs have done. Together with the break of yesterday it gave me a clear signal to go short.

USDJPY - short on inside bar
My entry is just past the break of the mother candle. Stop is on the other side and profit target is a few pips above the level where price rocketed up at the beginning of February. R2R on this trade is just above 2.

Than another pair, EURGBP, seems to be willing to join the party.

EURGBP - Long pinbar off of flat kumo and significant level

The pin bar that formed today is not a perfect pin bar as the upper wick is too big. However, price closed up and above the 0,8000 level and the pin bar formed on top of a flat kumo. Flat kumo's tend to be like a launching pad for price in the sense that is attracts and then rejects prices strongly. Therefor I placed my entry order at the 50% retracement level of the bar. I placed the stop some what wider; not below the lower wick, but below the top of the kumo and below the tenkan. The upside potential of this trade is big enough to allow for the bigger stop and still have an R2R of 2+.

That's it. Good luck trading!