Back trading funds

End of May 2012 I got my funds out of the markets. I had two reasons for doing so:
1) I wanted to focus on my forexsamurai trading method
2) I felt I did not have enough funds to properly diversify my portfolio.

Well, I got my forex trading method more or less figured out and got a rhythm trading it. And I found some funds to properly trade my fund samurai strategy. Thanks dad! I won't let you down. And I also got back in with my own funds of course. Because you got to be in it to win it. This is especially true looking back at the past half year. Had I stayed in the market with the portfolio I had, I would have made some nice returns. I did not calculate exactly how much, but all but one positions would have been positive. And a couple of positions made over 50% returns. However it's nothing more than another hint that I am on the right track here. As said, before committing any more of my money (or my dads money) I really need to do some back testing and figure out how I can better control risk in the portfolio.

I already have plans on how to do that, but I figured it would be helpful to learn more on computational investing to help me model the portfolio. And I found just the perfect online course here. See below introduction video.

So and to kick of this continuation here is a snapshot of my the equity curve.

So as you can see, I got out when my benchmark hit it's current year low, while my equity was holding it's level and I sure would have profit of the ride up that followed.