Review week 47

Result: -1R, but 1% up on equity
-1R NZDUSD at 5% risk
-1R USDJPY at 2% risk
= -7%
1R up on Silver at 5% risk
0,7R up on Gold at 5% risk
= 8,5%

Moved stops on Gold and Silver just below Fridays closing prices. If I get stopped out I will end up with about 1% return on equity on all trades of last week. And then I will be looking for new entry possibilities.

Here are last weeks trades on the charts.




On the USDJPY trade I put a very tight stop based on the fact that there was a S&R level near by and I got stopped out. Actually, my usual stop would have kept me in the trade, which in turn would have hit it's target just before the next S&R level. Again a lesson that I should just stick to my method. I did lower my risk on this trade to 2%.

I still have one pending entry order long on USDCAD. I will keep a close eye on how this pair develops beginning next week. If price will bounce up, the order stays in place. As soon as price closes below last weeks low, then I will cancel the order.