Review week 51

Result: +7,5%
Two winning trades on EURUSD and USDCHF

As said in last weeks post the week started of with a sense risk off. So my long in EURUSD and my short in USDCHF played out nicely until on Wednesday negative news came out about the negotiations between the White house and the republicans not (yet) coming to an agreement on solving the fiscal cliff. I said I would keep an eye on this and I did. So as soon as I saw price action turning against me, I got out. It was actually only later that I heard the news, but from the price action it was obvious something changed / happened.



Coming week will be a broken trading week, probably with light volume. There are some nice inside bars in solid trends in Silver, Gold and USDJPY. Maybe right after Christmas we will see some continuations here that will make for a short term play.