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Review week 4

Result: -13,5% closed trades, 7,5% in open positions with stops at break even (moved the stops after taking the screenshots)

Here are the losing trades:

And here are the open positions:

Stil waiting for Gold

Week 3: no trades

Result: 0%

No trades entered this week.

Placed limit entries on AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD, but none got hit. On Thursday I tweeted below chart as a possible long entry. However, only 10 minutes later the last candle that was green turned completely bearish red and closed much lower.
Still, looking at the chart today I still see a possible long entry just slightly lower. This order needs to be filled within the first few days of coming week, else the chikou will run into the past price action, thus invalidating the setup.

And then there are four more long setups. Looks like the markets are about to move!?

Please note that this is not a trading advice, just my view on the markets

Week 2: stick to the plan

Result: -6%
Two losing alternative trades
One missed opportunity

Last week I saw some large bullish pin bars on the Cable and Spot Gold. I decided to trade long based of of these pin bars. Both trades failed, although I was right! Let's have a look.

My long order on Gold got tagged by a few points and then I got stopped by a few points just before price shot up to hit my target. So my analysis was right, but that doesn't matter, now does it, as I lost money instead of making any.

More or less the same happened at the cable trade. So both trades ended up in the direction I predicted. I just needed bigger stops. This will require more practice, experience and fine tuning. So here is what I will do. For live account trading I will stick to the plan, which is basically with trend inside bar trading. If I see any other opportunities, then I will trade these on a demo account and I will document these trades on this blog.

Reason for doing so is that I want to extend my trade abiliti…

Review 2012: It's the way that counts

2012 was the first full year I invested according to the Fund Samurai strategy outlined in my investment plan. I am pretty pleased with the results. Here are the main points that describe the year:

6 months out of the market7% return4% max draw down
Compare this to the benchmark AEX:
7,5% return15+% max draw downSo I would have made about the same result if I would had just bought and hold the AEX index. The reason why I am pleased with the result is the way I got the result as compared to how the AEX behaved. My equity curve was much smoother and only had a draw down of 4%, while not ever going into negative numbers. Unfortunately I had to take my money out of the market in June, when the Benchmark was just starting to climb. I glanced over the positions I sold in June and compared them with the prices in November. Would I have stayed in in June my equity curve would have followed the AEX's summer up trend. This would have made my yearly return target of 20% not unlikely.

So I have a…

Review first week trading in 2013

Result: +4.5%
One loser, three winners

I had one failing trade on the USDCHF. And it failed big time and fast. I went short  at the 0.9090 level and then price just shot up on the 2nd of January. I think I misread the technical support at this level in combination with the half-half temporarily solution of the fiscal cliff.

It happens. Luckily, I had a winning trade on the USDJPY, that I was able to add on to according to my method, which made the trade more profitable. These two trades totally recovered the loss on the USDCHF trade and then made some more.
Friday morning (CET) I decided to get out of all trades as the famous non-farm payrolls were about to be released later that day and I did not have the opportunity to continue monitoring the market. I got out at the first sign of indecision. I monitored this on the 1hr and 15 min charts. This is what it looked like:
At the same time I was in a trade on Silver. I closed this one out as well with a small profit.

Looking ahead: trying somet…

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