Review first week trading in 2013

Result: +4.5%
One loser, three winners

I had one failing trade on the USDCHF. And it failed big time and fast. I went short  at the 0.9090 level and then price just shot up on the 2nd of January. I think I misread the technical support at this level in combination with the half-half temporarily solution of the fiscal cliff.

It happens. Luckily, I had a winning trade on the USDJPY, that I was able to add on to according to my method, which made the trade more profitable. These two trades totally recovered the loss on the USDCHF trade and then made some more.
Friday morning (CET) I decided to get out of all trades as the famous non-farm payrolls were about to be released later that day and I did not have the opportunity to continue monitoring the market. I got out at the first sign of indecision. I monitored this on the 1hr and 15 min charts. This is what it looked like:
At the same time I was in a trade on Silver. I closed this one out as well with a small profit.

Looking ahead: trying something different.

I noticed long wicked pinbars on the cable and gold. Especially the setup on the cable looks promissing as the trade aligns with the prevailing trend on the daily chart according to my method. The trade on Gold is counter trend, but the wick is huge and the body is bullish.



As this is "new" I only have relative small positions on these trades.