Review week 8

I did not trade week 7. So here is the review of week 8.

2,6%, 1 winning trade on spot Gold.

XAUUSD or spot Gold, winning trade and new limit sell
Gold made a large move down on Wednesday. Thursday price retraced halfway. On Friday lower prices were rejected and price closed above a support level. That is why I decided to take profit and place a new limit sell at a lower break level.

Spot silver has shown similar price action. I also have a limit sell there.
Spot silver - limit sell order
Then the same story goes for Cable. Also: in week 6 I got stopped out on a short on the Cable. Looking back at week 7 and 8 I have to conclude that (again) would I have stuck to my method I would have made a very nice profit.
Cable - strong move down

The USDJPY could make another (small) move higher.
USDJPY -  Still ticking higher?