Patience, Daniel-San! (review week 9 and 10 2013)

Result: 19,1%

Last two weeks have been a patience game for me trading. I basically placed all of my orders at the beginning of week nine and did nothing more than sit on my hands and watch my P&L bounce up and down. At the end of week nine I was up by 13%, but as all trades still seemed to be in play, I decided to hang on to the positions over the weekend.
One trade on the AUDUSD got stopped by just 10 pips or so, before heading in my direction again.

AUDUSD 28th of Feb with limit sell order

AUDUSD 10th of March
As you can see the price of the AUDUSD gapped down over the weekend and then went against my trade, stopped me out and turned around. Currently I am short again at a better price / higher level.
On the AUDUSD I lost 5.9%, which is more than my max risk of 5% per trade. The fact that I needed a bigger risk on this trade, should have signaled me that this wasn't a trade I should take. Again, something to keep in mind.

On last Friday I closed out 10 other positions:
2 GBPUSD for 7,5% profit
3 EURUSD for 3,8% profit
2 USDCHF for 12.3% profit
2 Silver for 1.2% loss
1 Gold for 2.6% profit

Not bad a result for sitting on my hands.