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Build your Crypto portfolio following the marketcap using Coincube

One of the most difficult things about investing in and trading cryptocurrencies, is the enormous choice in coins and tokens. Which ones should you hold and how much? Like most people, I guess, I have a couple of accounts on exchanges like Gdax, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, and  HitBTC. So how much do you hold on each exchange? And what if you have some holdings on a wallet outside of an exchange? Introducing Coincube I have been looking for a way to manage all these holdings and accounts. I used spreadsheets and tools like blockfolio. I did ok, but it was a lot of work keeping track and to keep adjusting my portfolio as markets change. A few months back I came across  Coincube. Coincube is a free service, that lets you connect your exchange accounts and wallet so you can manage them as one portfolio.
Coincube lets you: connect trading accounts for automatic tradingset your portfolio to follow the market cap of the top 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 coinsset an ethereum based portfolioset your o…

Start blogging on Steemit

OK, so I have my personal blog on trading, coding and crypto currencies on for a few years now. All is well. I love sharing what I know and the ads on the site make me a little cash. Unfortunately, most of the revenues go to the advertising companies like Google Adsense. They are like the man in the middle taking the biggest cut for organizing the infrastructure. To be honest I don't really want to put ads on the site. Many people us adblockers anyway. Still my time, knowledge and the content I offer are valuable, so some sort of reward is valid. I think that also the ads on my site need to be super relevant and supporting my content and need to give my readers something of value. Therefore I am experimenting with affiliate ads of products I use my self and that I write about. Still wouldn't it be nice if I could just be rewarded for my writings them selves? Yes, it would, but how?
Well, Steemit might be the solution. If you are reading this post on S…

A look at my Trading profile

I have had an account at Etoro for a few months now and the returns are pretty good. In this video, I will show you my profile and explain how I select my portfolio. If you want to check out my profile yourself you can go to

Update Sept 2018: I no longer have an active account at Etoro. I had an active account for a period of one year and made an ROI of about 10%. I made a withdrawal as I need the invested money for other things.

See How I Trade

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