Start blogging on Steemit

OK, so I have my personal blog on trading, coding and crypto currencies on for a few years now. All is well. I love sharing what I know and the ads on the site make me a little cash. Unfortunately, most of the revenues go to the advertising companies like Google Adsense. They are like the man in the middle taking the biggest cut for organizing the infrastructure. To be honest I don't really want to put ads on the site. Many people us adblockers anyway. Still my time, knowledge and the content I offer are valuable, so some sort of reward is valid. I think that also the ads on my site need to be super relevant and supporting my content and need to give my readers something of value. Therefore I am experimenting with affiliate ads of products I use my self and that I write about. Still wouldn't it be nice if I could just be rewarded for my writings them selves? Yes, it would, but how?
Well, Steemit might be the solution. If you are reading this post on, then you probably already kind of know what Steem and Steemit are. But in case you are reading this post on my blog...

Let me tell you what Steemit is.! is a social media web service based on blockchain technology. So there is not one company like Facebook or Google that is running the site and hosting the content on the site. Instead, all the content is hosted on the steem blockchain. This means that no one company controls and monetizes the content. It are the users and the community of users that are in control and that can make money in the form of Steem Dollars with their content or by curating content of others.

So what is Steem?
Steem is a cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Steem is used to pay the people that post content and curate content on the Steemit platform. Below is a video in which it is explained how you can think of Steem.

Why you would want to join Steemit?
As a writer/content creator joining the Steemit platform makes sense as it provides an opportunity to be rewarded directly by the users of your content. But even as just a consumer of content there are benefits to getting their content fix on Steemit compared to somewhere else:
  • No ads
  • Great community
  • Great content
  • Be rewarded by upvoting content, making the best content surface.

How to get paid?
So once you got some steem, you can use it on the steemit platform or you can exchange it for Bitcoin for instance. I use HitBTC for that. And once I have Bitcoins I send them to my Wirex account so I can spend them using my Wirex debit card.
There are many other ways to get paid. If there is any interest then I will go into this another time.
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Update March 2018: I no longer actively use Steemit.