Where to trade online is an important part of trading. I have tried many different brokers and services.

I finally ended up with a couple of brokers I prefer to use. Each broker has its own strengths that give me a reason to use them.

Brokers I Use

I use the following brokers for Forex / CFD trading:

Find Your Broker

I do not recommend specific brokers. You will have to find one by yourself. For a primer on brokers and how they operate check out my article: Where to trade? - Finding a broker.

Some Advice

Some general advice on selecting a broker is to find one that is well regulated. I prefer brokers that are regulated in the UK (FCA), USA (NFA) or Australia (ASIC) as the regulators in these countries are most strict and offer the best protection against any possible funny business.

Get Rebates

Below is a list of brokers that offer rebates on their spread or commission through a service that I have used myself: CashBackForex. Using a service like this will lower your trading costs. You can search or filter to find a broker that suits you. If you then click through on the broker logo, you will be taken to the broker page on CashBackForex where you can read more information and learn how to sign up for rebates.