Becoming a trader is a process. Although some people have a natural ability to be successful in trading, most others do not have this.

I think everyone can learn to trade the markets.

I have spent many years studying the markets, reading books on trading, doing backtests and of course trading. Finally, I am at the level that I make more money then I lose. So I feel confident I can share with you what I know on the subject.

I will not give you a magic formula that will make you rich, but I intend to share with you a set of skills that will allow you to trade in a way, that you will not lose your shirt doing it and will give you a reasonable chance of actually making money.

Read on if you want to learn to trade the market the way I do.

Below are a series of articles that are aimed at helping you get started trading. The list is in the order that I intend them to be read, but feel free to skip around.
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In the articles, I reference different resources you can use. I have conveniently listed out all the resources I reference and more on the resources page.

I share my trading ideas!

I post my trading ideas on Tradingview as a way of keeping a visual trading journal. You can follow my trading ideas as I post them on my Tradingview profile. Alternatively, you can get my trading ideas by email.

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I share my trading performance!

My Performance in R: click image to see the trading log.

Learn to trade like I do

If you like my trades and you want to know how I trade, then you may want to read this book: The Candlestick Trading Bible. It explains most of the details of the method I use to trade.

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