On this page, I will outline some of the most useful resources I use for trading and investing.

Get started here

If you want to get started trading quickly, then I suggest you follow these three steps:
  1. Education
    The Candlestick Trading Bible will give you a good base to start developing your trading strategy.
  2. Charting:
    Tradingview is a free online charting software. Use this to do all of your analysis.
  3. Broker
    Open an account with a broker. The above link will give you a list of brokers to start with. Or check the brokers below that I use my self.


I use charting that is independent of the platform I execute trades on. I mainly use Tradingview and also As an alternative, you can also use Metatrader or CTrader. Although, to use these two platforms you will at least need to open a demo account at a broker that offers the platform and the usage of the demo account is often limited in time.

CFD / Forex Brokers

I use the following two brokers for trading CFDs / Forex:
I use these two brokers for the following reasons:
  1.  I trust them (as far as you can trust brokers anyway). I have made deposits and withdrawals with both brokers without any problems. They are both regulated in the EU.
  2. They both offer easy to use online platforms for trade execution and trade management. Specifically, the position sizing is very easy to do on both platforms. Most other brokers offer the Metatrader platform for trade execution and this platform makes position sizing overly complicated.
  3. I have found their instrument prices to be accurate.
  4. I have found their forex spreads/trading costs to be reasonable.
  5. I have found their trade execution to be precise enough for my style of trading.
  6. Both brokers offer unlimited demo accounts, which you can use to test and trade new strategies against live markets without risking any real money.
For more info on brokers and a list of other brokers, see the brokers page.

Unleveraged Foreign Currency Holdings

I also hold long-term unleveraged Foreign Currency positions. I do this by using the borderless account service of a company called: Transferwise. What I do is the following. I basically transfer all the money in my bank account, that I do not need to pay bills, to my Transferwise account. Once it is in there I exchange it to currencies that I expect to become stronger than the Euro (my local currency). In the meantime, I can still access the money with the free Master Card that is connected to the different currency accounts. By strategically switching my money from currency to currency I can make a return that is much higher than any long-term deposit savings account, without locking up my money.

Precious Metals

I hold precious metals for the long term. I do not see this as an investment, but as a way to preserve my wealth outside of the financial system. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium by themselves do not have a yield. And they are not supposed to! They are money, a store of value. There can only be yield if there is a risk. Money needs to be put to work and put at risk in order to be able to generate a yield. It is possible to trade precious metals against each other, take a risk that way and generate a yield. And this is what I do. I buy Precious Metal Bullion and hold them within my control and outside of the control of any financial institute.

If you want to do this as well then I suggest you either buy Precious Metal Coins or Bars and have them shipped to you or have them shipped to a high-security vault of a privately owned vaulting service.

Many Bullion dealers offer this service. One such dealer that operates worldwide is: SilverGoldBull. You can also sell back your coins or bars to them or swap them for others.

Preserve your wealth!

Check out my Gold and Silver related posts for more info on how to buy, sell and hold Precious Metals.

Crypto Currencies

I also buy, sell and hold Crypto Currencies. Crypto Currencies are very speculative and volatile. While Gold and Silver have proven to be sound money for over thousands of years, Crypto Currencies have not as they are still very new. I do not expect Gold or Silver to ever go to zero. It is a very different story with Crypto Currencies. Therefore I take a more speculative approach to them.
For entering into and exiting out of the Crypto market I mainly use:
And I occasionally like to trade Crypto Currencies manually and algorithmically using the broker Binance.

Check out my Crypto page for more info.