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On this page I will outline some of the most useful resources I use for coding, trading and investing.


Having historical data available is the first thing needed to start researching a strategy. So the first resources are all about getting historical price data.
  • Yahoo finance
    A very obvious number one resource. None the less very helpful. Here you can get end of day / week /month historical price data with adjusted closing prices for free for many types of securities from many exchanges.
  • Google finance
    Used to be a very obvious number two resource. However the new version Google relased does not seem to offer historical data.
  • Stooq
    A website based in Poland, with somewhat poor translation to English via Goolge translate, but with end of day price data for free for many types of securities from many exchanges. And they also have Forex end of day / week / month price data.
  • Quandl
    Very good resource for all sorts of data including historical financial price data. Data can be downloaded in different formats from the website, but can also be retrieved via their API. They have a lot of free data sources, but also offer premium paid data sources. For complete access to the free data sources you need to register. The amount of API calls will be limited on free accounts.
    Most comprehensive provider of investing and trading information. For almost all of the securities that they list, you can download daily, weekly and monthly historical price data.


Charting is an important tool to visually inspect a strategy, before ever quantifying and testing it with the help of any kind of programming. I use below charting platforms
    Most comprehensive provider of investing and trading information. Their charts are now powered by Tradingview. They offer exactly all data I need for charting and trading. I have a yearly subscription for their service. Well worth it. You can also use the service entirely free, but you will see more ads.
  • Tradingview
    The best online charting platform if you ask me! And it is getting more feature rich all the time. They offer a paid pro version. The free version used to be more than sufficient for my needs, but currently I would need a pro subscription to view Euronext stocks. So I currently mainly use If you just trade forex and US Stocks, then TradingView is still best for you. Checkout my video in which I explain how to use the TradingView platform for for instance doing manual back tests.
  • Metatrader
    Probably the most used retail trading platform available for free.
    Here you can see how to install metatrader on linux.

Research tools

  • LibreOffice Calc
    I find LibreOffice the best office suite with the best spreadsheet software included. It is free and available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Python & Scipy,
    Scipy is combination of Python libraries that I use for analyzing financial data.
    You can follow installation instructions here: or do as I do. I usually simply install Python and then I install all the libraries I need using pip. Here is a tutorial on how to do this: Basically it comes down to running this command after installing python 2.7.9 or higher (which has pip included):
    pip install numpy scipy matplotlib pandas
    Any dependencies will be resolved by pip. This works on Windows, Mac and Linux all the same.

Ubuntu, my OS of choice

My favorite code editors

  • Atom
    Very useful light-weight editor. It is free and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. I use it for all my coding projects.
  • VisualStudio Code
    By Microsoft, but open source and cross platform. If you like Atom, but don't want to have to configure everything yourself, then this one is for you. One of the major plusses is that Intellisense work really well out of the box.

Links to my own content

Crypto: Go to my Crypto page
Trading videos: Go to my videos page
Programming videos: Go to my free video course
Brokers: Go to my brokers page
Books: See the bookstore

Other great sites I recommend

Here are my favorite trading and coding education related sites.

Trading related

Site with free educational content about Algorithmic trading.
I have bought the ebook Successful Algorithmic Trading.
Quantified strategies
Site about quantitative trading with lots of strategies.
Site with free educational content about Price Action trading.
I am a paying member of the PA and Ichimoku courses.
Learn to trade the market
Site with free educational content about Price Action trading.
I am a paying member of the course.
Option Alpha
Site with free educational content about Options trading.
I am a free / non-paying member.

Coding related

If you checkout my linkedin profile you will see some of the most noteworthy courses that I have completed on below sites / services.
Site with online programming courses / tracks. If you want to develop your programming skills, look no further. If you commit to the tracks or tech degrees they offer, you can truly become a professional in the field of programming / web development.
I've been enrolled to the basic subscription level.
Online courses and certifications by top universities.
I have completed some courses.
Online courses and certifications by top universities.
I have completed some courses.
Online courses and nano degrees in cooperation with top universities and companies..
I have completed some courses.
Online courses on all sorts of practical, non-academic topics.
I have completed some courses.

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